Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting Ready to Head Out

So late last fall we bought the big fifth-wheel trailer and early this spring we bought the truck to haul it with.  In the middle of May we brought the trailer home, and left it to sit in the driveway basking in its beauty and showing our friends.  But now it's time to take it out for a spin!  The new generator has been installed as well as new batteries and some other minor details that needed to be taken care of.  I've had fun shopping for kitchen items so I don't have to leave my son at home with no pots or a toaster, etc.

The first trip is up to Six Mile Lake Provincial Park for a few nights and then Killbear Provincial Park.  The plan is to take our bengal cat with us to start training him for the big trip in the fall.  No - he's not a bengal tiger.  He's a regular cat, a silver marble in the bengal breed:

Watch for an update when we get home because he's currently afraid of being inside the trailer and he thinks he's paralized when he's in his harness, so it should make for some funny stories.  He also doesn't care to ride in the truck, so it should be an interesting drive.  I'll have to take him out today so he can start practicing singing.

Okay, let the games begin.


  1. The cat looks absolutely delighted!

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    If your bengal cat really doesn't want to go, I'll be happy to take care of him!!!
    Sandi Lawler

  3. Best of luck Marilyn.I will follow your trips.have fun.

  4. this ought to be really good, looking forward to reading your travels. donna

  5. Marilyn, just caught up with you and this is really Grady's Adventures Beyond. Hysterical! There's a book here I am sure. Drive, and swim safely. LOL. OK, now have to send as anonymous because I'm not social mediatic.

  6. Hi Marilyn!

    Wow! Sounds like retirement is really treating you well so far. I stumbled onto your blog through Facebook, and now I am hooked so I will be following your travels down south too. I love the funny stories and especially Grady's adventures. So when are you and Brad leaving on your fall excursion anyways?

    My summer was so incredibly fun but busy of course, and I just got back from a trip to my beloved Rock which was great! Settling into my daily routines again, but I can't shake the travel bug. As I mentioned, I will be following your blog from here on and will be living vicariously through you guys! :)

    ~ Rebecca

  7. I'm so jealous and happy for you at the same time! lol Can't wait to read more, so get blogging! lol

  8. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures! Lucky girl!

    Kim Spurr