Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Navajo Lake State Park, NM

Since National Parks are still closed, we take a side trip a bit east of Bloomfield to Navajo Lake State Park.  The "lake" is really a reservoir created by the Navajo Dam on the San Juan River, part of the Colorado River Dam System.  It's actually a beautiful area, surrounded by golden sandstone bluffs and mesas.  There are many boats moored in the marina, most closed up for the winter already.  One of the pontoon boats at the end of one of the mooring docks is about 60 feet long with its own hot tub and deck on the dock!

We spend only one day checking out the dam (the second largest earth dam in North America) and the San Juan River which is very popular for trout fishing.  The reservoir is home to many Chinook Salmon and Northern Pike and numerous fishermen are trying their luck today.

The marina in Navajo Lake. Note, this is our first cloudy day in a while - it's a cold front coming.
Brad standing on near the road on top of the dam overlooking the spillway and the San Juan River.
This guy - possibly a gopher or bull snake, not sure which - startled me on the trail by the river. He was very non-agressive (so maybe not a bull snake) and just kept trying to hide under the bushes.
Well, this tarantula also startled me in the corner of the parking lot of one of the day-use areas near the river. That's my critter quota for the day - thank you!

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