Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lake Havasu, AZ

These signs are everywhere, and it's true. What a paradise. Like an oasis, the reservoir that is Lake Havasu creates a welcoming atmosphere in this arid desert land. The city is full of snowbirds and vacationers who come for the boating and warm weather. The lake is thanks to the Parker Dam about 30 miles downstream on the Colorado River.
This is London Bridge - for real. Purchased from London, England in 1968 by the city's founder for $2.5 million, it was dismantled, shipped to California, trucked to Arizona and reassembled across the channel.
At the end of the channel that separates the city from the island in the middle of the lake, palm trees and sand remind us of Florida beaches. Brad and I have the opportunity one evening to play beach volleyball with a group of locals, most in their 20s, but a few our age. Great fun!
One big reason for coming to Lake Havasu City is the fireworks convention. Fireworks companies show what they can produce in hopes of getting new business. A lot of the fireworks are experimental. We regroup with our "Quartszite friends" for quesadillas, margueritas and an evening show! Over one hour of spectacular pyrotechnics. What a blast! (Hard to choose one photo from the 200 we shot.)

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  1. Nice shot of the fireworks. Hope the trip home is going well!