Thursday, October 23, 2014

Shasta - Mountain and Lake, CA

Mount Shasta. Yes, it's snowcapped on the north face. We have many views of this volcanic peak in Lava Beds National Monument, again during our drive back out to I-5 to get to Lassen Volcanic National Park, then again later from Lassen.

A fuel stop with a view of Mount Shasta. This musical group and their dog are playing for cash to buy gas to get them to their next gig in northern California.
So my mistake! We wanted to camp for a night along Lake Shasta because Brad remembers this photo he saw when we were on our honeymoon over 32 years ago of a couple laying on a sandy beach at a lake with Mount Shasta in the background. What we didn't realize (although I guess we should have) is that California is suffering a severe drought and their lakes and reservoirs are drying up. This creek is what's left of this northern arm of Lake Shasta. You can see where the lake level used to be at the tree-line.

Turn 180 degrees from the previous photo, and this is our campsite. We stay the night anyway at this abandoned boat ramp and are joined by three young twenty-somethings in another camper. What's really sad though is that up in the trees all along the "lakeshore" are beautiful cabins, a couple with floating docks still visible but sitting on dry land beside the creek. I can't imagine how badly their property values have been devastated.

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