Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quartzsite, AZ

A panoramic shot of most of the rigs in our group (there are more to the right of us and under me since I'm standing on our roof to take this photo!) in Quartzsite, Arizona. This is a huge meeting place for RVers with numerous shows and swap meets occuring in January. We come to meet with our friends and enjoy social activities (aka drinking and eating).

Marguerita Night! Grilled quesadillas, margueritas, a pinata, a huge campfire and fabulous friends - life doesn't get much better!

Octogenarian Lee taking the first crack at the pinata. It took three people and about 8 whacks to open it up, and then we scrambled like a bunch of 5 year olds for the candy.
The entire group. Many thanks to great friend Carol Dwyer for herding the unruly cats so this shot is perfect! Carol is a wonderful professional photographer and we appreciate her generosity sharing this photo.

A day trip to the Desert Bar outside of Parker, Arizona. An abandoned mine site 6 miles from the highway in the desert, down a bumpy 4x4 dirt road, now a weekend/daytime only bar with live music and good food, not to mention good times with good friends.

A great pic of our circle and outlying RVs taken from Dave's drone (are we circling the wagons?). RVers love their toys! Dave also did a video of the RV Circle with his drone.  (Some of us are on the periphery; we are in the back centre.)
Most of the RVers here rarely boondock (park without water and electrical hookups), so this annual gathering is a challenge for some (it's not easy to make 100 gallons of water last for 2 weeks or watch the football game on battery power). For those of us who boondock all the time, the challenges are different. We have to learn how to reside in close proximity with others. I mean, that's why we boondock - to be ALONE! So for us, Quartzsite is all about socialization while ignoring the fact that we have to share our space. Still a good time catching up with friends.


  1. So glad to find your blog. Now I will put in in my "watched blogs".

  2. Brad & Marilyn, Had a great time with everyone! Now trying to recoop a little before the Winter Blast in Havasu. Great blog. Steve