Friday, February 5, 2016

Colorado River, Arizona

Camping on the Colorado River, south of Ehrenberg and I-10

We spend about 10 days camped above the Colorado River, overlooking the agricultural fields of California. Brad is just getting sick when we move here from Quartszite. A week later, I come down with the same cold. But in between, we get out for a couple of days and enjoy several beautiful sunsets and a campfire.

An antelope or deer
The Blythe Intaglios are across the river on the California side, and north of the city of Blythe and I-10 about 30 miles. The Intaglios are drawings left in the desert by local natives perhaps thousands of years ago. An intaglio is made by scraping the darker layer of top rocks and dirt away revealing a lighter colour of dirt below, or by tamping (pressing repeatedly on the surface) thus creating a depression.
A human figure, upside down (better lighting for photo)
There are four figures drawn in this area, but all are fenced to keep vehicles from driving on them (so sad that has to be done), and they are so large (the largest is 171 feet tall) they are difficult to photograph from ground level. Three of the figures are of humans and one is of animals.

The Palo Verde Dam lies between Parker to the north and Yuma to the south. The colour of the Colorado River here reminds us of the Niagara River in the gorge.


  1. I am sooo sorry you got the cold too!! I still have the cough from hell. We enjoyed the Intaglios although I cheated and used the picture from Google Earth on my blog post :)

  2. Aww, a little unfortunate that you got the colds. At least you got to enjoy a trip before having one. I love the Palo Verde Dam. There's just something so heavenly about looking at it.