Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Back on the road for Year 7! Wow! Where have the years gone?

We leave early this year, right after Labour Day. The plan is to get to the Oregon Coast before the weather turns bad (ha ha! After all, it IS the Pacific Northwest where the weather is notoriously wet!) But our first destination will be in Wyoming at Grand Teton National Park for two reasons. First, to visit with friends Nancy and Dave who are temporarily working in Jackson Hole at the south end of the park; second, because the last time we were here (after visiting Yellowstone NP in 2012), we just drove through since we couldn't see the mountains thanks to the numerous forest fires.

Brad thinks he's a cowboy!
Probably the MOST photographed barn in the park, in Wyoming, and probably in all of the U.S. Sitting alongside Mormon Row, this barn attracts crowds every day thanks to its perfect location.

A glorious view of the Tetons reached by a short hike to a beaver pond off Schwabacher Road.

Catching the last rays of sun from Signal Mountain.

Our longest hike in the park - 4 miles to Taggart Lake.

And this year proves to be no different from our last visit. Small fires have been burning and thanks to a very windy day close the highway to Yellowstone NP north of us. Our route will take us south and west, so this closure doesn't affect us.

After a great dinner with Dave and Nancy on our last night, we walk around the town of Jackson Hole. Here is Nancy and me in the town square where an elk antler arch adorns each corner. Don't worry, the elk aren't killed for their antlers. The males shed their antlers every fall and are collected.
Many thanks to Dave for touring us around the park this year while poor Nancy had to work. We're so glad we had the opportunity to squeeze this beautiful park and such wonderful friends into our schedule.

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