Thursday, November 21, 2013

Amargosa Dunes, NV

While our exit from Beatty is hampered by trailer troubles, our arrival at the sand dunes is reminiscent of our experience on Lone Rock Beach when Brandon visited.  We get stuck in soft sand!  There are a few other large trailers and vehicles out here, but the sand varies from hard-packed dirt/stone/sand to soft sand, and our trailer gets in a hole in some really soft stuff.  Out comes the shovel (we carry a fold-up shovel for just this purpose!) and flat pieces of wood to put under the tires.  The spinning of the truck's back tires buries the boards and after each two-foot progression, we have to dig the boards out and place them in front of the back tires again.  It takes about 10 repeats of doing this, but Brad finally manages to pull the trailer out and get up onto a level, hard surface.  By now it's dark and Grady's pretty freaked out!  One more day in the life of...

The Amargosa Dunes, Big Dune in particular, is an ATV mecca!  It's late Sunday afternoon when we arrive, and there are three groups of ATVers, two of whom leave later in the evening and the last leaves the next morning.  Good thing because I'm not keen on listening to the ATVs' whining hum of acceleration while they climb the dunes all day!  Hence the reason we avoid weekends at these places.  But the cat loves the sand, and so does my other child, Brad.

Put down the damn camera Brad, and help me dig us out! It doesn't look that bad, but ain't nothin' going' nowhere!
Man! Is this whole litter box just for me?.
Marilyn hiking in the dunes.

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