Friday, November 15, 2013

Lunar Crater National Monument, NV

The drive from Caliente to Lunar Crater National Monument takes us across the Extraterrestrial Highway [].  Signs like "No Gas for 124 miles" are a bit scary, especially if we encounter a UFO.  Seriously, we calculate our fuel and ralize that by the time we drive about 60 miles out of our way to go to Lunar Crater, we will probably be coasting into Tonopah, the nearest town with fuel, on fumes.  Well, we'll think about that tomorrow for tomorrow is another day...
On the Extraterrestrial Highway in the town of Rachel, very near Area 51. There is actually a small town here and the restaurant which also sells t-shirts and other alien memorabilia.
The crater which looks more like a meteor impact crater than a collapsed volcano. There are over 20 volcanoes in this immediate vicinity.
Another volcano taken from a dry lake bed on the valley floor - you can almost see the lava flowing. The blurry, black objects in the foreground are tiny lava rocks.
Typical of a desert, the heat sits on the valley floor and creates heat waves in front of these cattle. Cool effect.

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