Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lake Mead National Recreation Area - still, NV

Still hanging out at Lake Mead, hiking and enjoying the mostly sunny, warm weather.  It's amazing how many things there are to do and see half an hour outside of Las Vegas, but don't tell all those gamblers because we don't want them to crowd these natural beauties!

The Northshore Summit trail takes us up 200 feet for a view of the Bowl of Fire, an area of red rock surrounded by the Muddy Mountains, Bitter Spring Valley and the Virgin Basin.
Brad, Bowl of Fire and Muddy Mountains behind him.
A long hike down Callville Wash through red clay and sandstone brings us, finally, to Callville Bay. Total distance hiked today - 7.4 miles! MILES!
Brad at a 3-foot dryfall in the wash.
A view of the red clay mounds with very colourful mountains behind them. Notice the peaks of different colours.
White gypsum that has been left on the red sand from evaporated water. Gypsum and selenite crystals are very common in this area.
Brad's after-lunch nap on the beach at Callville Bay, where fishermen and water birds are trying their luck and skill.
We find some great free camping with views of Lake Mead. The NRA campgrounds ($10/night with no hookups) and privately-owned RV parks ($30-$45/night with full hookups) don't have these views.
Grady gets to enjoy the view of Las Vegas Bay and the lake all day long.

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