Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Lake Mead National Recreation Area - still, NV

Well, we obviously like Lake Mead, because we're still here.

Redstone is an area of very red rock in the middle of the park. Similar to the Bowl of Fire which is nearby, it is a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours hiking and picnicing.
Marilyn on the hiking trail at Redstone, climbing among the nooks and crannies of this ultra-porous sandstone.
Another view of the redstone with volcanic cliffs behind and the ever-present deep blue sky.
Rogers Spring is an oasis in the desert. It is a large, warm spring measuring 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28C) the day we are here (average is around 80F year-round). There are two different types of palm trees growing here - date palms and a type of fan palm. Many fish make this pool home, as well as several soft-shell turtles, which I've only ever seen in Florida! I guess they don't know they're living in a desert!
Brad taking the "plunge". The spring exits the rocks from a hole under the water at this point.
Brad enjoying the warm water. Of course, the air is only about 55F (12C). Guess you'll be in there a while, eh Brad?
The soft-shelled turtle - we saw one large turtle and a couple of small ones, perhaps a family?
Our (free) campsite at Stewart's Point in the Lake Mead NRA is spectacular with super views of the lake. Fishermen come to the local beaches daily, although we see very few other RVers.
Our campsite at Stewart's Point. Full moon rising at sunset and a crackling fire makes for a beautiful end to the day.
Local open range cows enjoying a drink from "our beach" at sunset.
An American icon we sited not far from our trailer. He (or one of his cousins) flew by our trailer on the following day.

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  1. Oh the joy of the beach, the water, the fire and the setting sun. Lucky you. You DO know what we're having here. They're predicting three pretty ugly days. enjoy California!