Friday, December 30, 2016

Lake Mead and Valley of Fire State Park

Just outside of Las Vegas is one of our favourite areas. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a beautiful spot to camp over the lake, and Valley of Fire State Park is a spectacular area of bright red/orange sandstone formations with great hiking.
Hanging out at Lake Mead with new friends

We meet a new friend, Jody, while hiking in Valley of Fire State Park, and she comes to join us camping at Lake Mead for a few nights. She and I quickly become best buddies, laughing and carrying on. Poor Brad. She also has the cutest little dog, BooBoo, whom Grady attacks. Poor BooBoo.
A night at the campfire with Jody and Grace, whom we first met last year outside of St. George. Strangley, we run into Grace and her hubby Greg camped here at Stewart's Point; in fact, they are in our favourite spot. Such a strange coincidence.
Grace takes Brad out kayaking on the lake on a very calm day.
Carroll Shelby Museum in Las Vegas
Brad is in heaven, surrounded by so many Shelbies and Mustangs made into Shelbies. From the old Cobras to the new Shelbies, including a Shelby 1000 pictured here (that's 1,000 horsepower and it's barely street legal!), there's a wide assortment of everything ever touched by Carroll Shelby.
Inside the shop. Shelby is not a car manufacturer. They only modify cars. The old style Cobra seen here is a brand new car, and neither of the two vehicles in the foreground have an engine in them - yet. This tour was very interesting and worthwhile, and best of all it's free. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves cars in general and Shelbies in particular, and tires of Las Vegas strip.
On the Arches Trail in Valley of Fire State Park, a group of horsemen/women ride past us. Smart - the sand in the wash on this hike is deep and going is tough. Even the horses are sweating and it's only about 55F today.
A hike into the Bowl of Fire in Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It's a stunning outcrop of very red/orange rock against the brown Muddy Mountains.
We hike from the main road in Valley of Fire State Park with Jody through Wash #3. This area makes us all think about Orange Cremesicles because the rocks are striped white and bright orange. Sadly, no ice cream can be found within 20 miles.
Brad and I have hiked this wash before and we know there is an area of rock with beautiful, colourful striping. We're very happy that we actually are able to find it, after a 3 year absence. This is a small section of rock wall about 3-4 feet across.
Another abstract section of rock wall about 1-2 feet wide. Reminds me of an alien spaceship looking for a landing site.
Last one - these are just so cool. This one is probably only about 1 foot wide.

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