Monday, December 12, 2016

Partying at the Porters' Project and Party Place, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

It's great to have such wonderful friends down here in the southwest. We join two other RV couples at the Porters' Party Place for the American Thanksgiving. There is a lot of eating and drinking, a bit of swimming (temps are a bit cool even though the pool is heated) and much hot tubbing.
Brad working hard
Paul and Sue built a house in Lake Havasu City two summers ago, leaving a life of full-time RVing for a part-time home, part-time RV lifestyle. Fortunately for their friends (including us - YAY!) they added 3 spaces with RV hookups outside their beautiful new home, and they love having visitors. Especially since a visit is the perfect time to get some help with heavy work, like planting a 6-foot palm tree. Brad, Tom and Dave help Paul plant two trees this week. Brad also takes the opportunity to fix a crack in the outer shell of our trailer (with a lot of advice from everyone) and replace our truck's driver's side mirror which broke requiring an electronic part.
Hiking Lizard Peak
Sue takes Brad and me up Lizard Peak, about a 2-3 mile steep hike. At the top is this picnic table which was carried up the difficult trail we just climbed. That's determination! This view looks down the Colorado River, south towards the Parker Dam.
This view looks north towards Lake Havasu City.
The Boat Parade
Christmas is less than one month away, the lights are being hung all over town, and we attend the annual Boat Parade at the canal. This cute little tug also has fake smoke puffing out of its stack and takes a spin (literally) every once in a while.
Probably the most lights on one boat.
Santa and his sleigh. Ho Ho Ho!
Hiking SARA's Crack
Every year when we are in town (sometimes for the fireworks in February, last year for Christmas at the Porters') we have wanted to hike SARA's Crack, but it's been too hot or we've been too busy. This year, we finally do it. The Crack is a short slot canyon with a bit of rock scrambling required.
This is the biggest drop, and a rope is provided. I do great at first, until my heel steps on the rope and I go off balance and smash my elbow into the wall to my right. I'm not really hurt, and we all have a good laugh.
Sue shows us the slide method.
Paul show us all how to do it right!
The 2.5-mile trail leads down to Lake Havasu in a pretty little cove where we sit and have lunch with the ducks and coots (not just the 3 old coots we walked down with LOL!) before making the 2.5-mile trek back. So glad we finally get to do this cool hike.
A Christmas Lights Walk in the English Village of Lake Havasu City
Paul, Sue, Brad and I walk along the canal at the London Bridge to see the Christmas lights. This is the English Village lit up like Clark Griswold's house! Have you ever seen so many lights?
Paul, Brad and Sue with the London Bridge in the background. It is a beautiful, warm evening with no wind.

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  1. awww, great write up!! Yep, we love having you guys around- its like our neighbors are our friends!
    Still love that picture of Brad!